Ravi Kumar


Kemana has been a strategic Digital partner for our MAP Group for several years. As we ventured further into Ecommerce, the MAP Gift Voucher business unit needed to work with a trusted partner that we knew would deliver a tier one Digital Customer Experience, on time and on budget. Kemana’s implementation has met our expectations and we continue to work closely together in growing the Gift Voucher business further.

Ravi Kumar



MAP Gift Voucher is the official gift voucher of PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk. Accepted in 2,600 retail stores managed under MAP Group Indonesia. Received at the MAP group’s more than 2,600 store outlets in Indonesia, which include 110 lifestyle retail concepts and 150 international brands spread across 81 cities.


PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk (MAP Indonesia), Indonesia’s largest lifestyle retailer, has introduced an official gift voucher that can be used for redemption at any of its 2600 retail outlets. The company built an Ecommerce website to have a convenient way of purchasing a paper or digital gift vouchers for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, holidays, and festive occasions.


Kemana and MAP Gift Voucher will work together in constructing a combined digital strategy to achieve a higher conversion rate. The team will have thorough research on turning a visitor into a customer, then apply that to the MAP Gift Voucher model and current growth plan.


MAP Gift Voucher is the first retailer to launch an Ecommerce site that sells official voucher paper and digital forms, due to its uniqueness, Kemana will be developing a distribution system for both paper and digital.


Kemana will be able to make the users buy paper vouchers directly from PLP pages without following standard Ecommerce flow. In addition, we will customize the email to have content for both English and Bahasa in the same email. Furthermore, the site will allow users to buy Digital Vouchers for anyone and receive custom emails.


With the collaboration of MAP Indonesia, Kemana developed a top-tier Digital CX for MAP Gift Voucher and continues expanding the retail business as the largest retail company in Indonesia.


Kemana built the website on Magento, resulting in more advanced features. English and Bahasa languages are now available in the email contents. Customers can also buy paper vouchers directly from PLP furthermore allows end-users to purchase digital vouchers for anyone. In addition, the new website now allows a user to buy both paper and digital vouchers on the same website.