Build LoyaltyReduce CostGrow Revenue

B2B Trend Shifting

More B2B buyers shifting more work purchases online from offline.



More B2B buyers shifting more work purchases online from offline.



Researching products for work using a smartphone or tablet.



Will make half or more of their work purchases online by 2018

Lead B2B Business with Magento

Why choose Magento?


Build Customer Loyalty

  • Fast, friction-free purchasing
  • Personalised Experiences
  • Complete inventory visibility

Reduce Costs

  • Easy self-service tools for customers
  • Ordering errors prevention
  • Smart source inventory
  • Efficient orders & inventory management
  • Integration with any backend systems

Grow Revenue

  • A “consumer” buying experience
  • Business Intelligence
  • Boosting sales productivity

Fast, Friction-Free Purchasing

Order by SKU

Quickly create orders by entering multiple SKU’s or uploading a CSV file.

Requisition Lists

Lists of frequently-purchased products to speed up restocking.

Fast Ordering

Re-order previous orders with just a few clicks.

Request for Quote Workflow

Streamlined quote request workflow that can be managed within Magento or via external systems.

Punchout Support

Compability with your buyer’s e-procurement systems.


Personalized Experiences

Custom Catalogs and Price Lists

Customers can get the right products and their specially-negotiated prices online.

Segmentation and Targeting

Each customer segments can get a relevant experience with personalized site content, promotions, and product recommendations.

Multiple, Tailored Sites

Different brands, divisions, geographies, channel partners, or major accounts are managed from a single platform

Complete Inventory Visibility

Accurate Inventory Levels

Across all sources like distribution centes, suppliers, dropshippers, channel partners, and branch location

Sourced from all Locations & Supply Chain Partners

Cut down on customer calls to check on inventory, reduce stock-outs, and end reliance on out-of-date information


Easy Self-Service ToolsFor Customers

Corporate Accounts

Multiple buyers in varying organizational structures.

Buyer Roles and Permissions

Customers can assign specific roles and permissions to individual buyers.

Payments on Account

For merchants and buyers to manage available credit.

Order, Quote & Account History

For merchants and buyers to manage available credit.

Ordering Errors Prevention

Custom Catalogs and Pricelists

Customers are able to purchase approved products at approved prices.

SKU and Inventory Validation

All SKUs entered are automatically validated to ensure the product exists and that it is available in inventory. Buyers also see a picture and product name so they can confirm it is correct.

Self-service Ordering

No more manually enter orders received via phone, fax or visits to the field


Smart Source

Smart Sourcing Capabilities

Automatically calculate the fulfillment costs for warehouse locations and will choose to fulfill from the location that is less expensive.

Maintain Delivery SLAs

Reduce fulfillment time to meet delivery SLAs, favor specific suppliers, and reduce inventory carrying costs.

Efficient Orders
& Inventory Management

Central Order Management System

Handle the processing, tracking and fulfillment of orders from across diverse set of channels with one single platform.

Inventory Allocation Across Channels

The most critical channels always have the inventory they need.

Simplified Integrations

Ability to integrate with many different platforms.

Integration With any BackEnd Systems

Extensive APIs

Can easily connect with any backend systems.

Open, Modern Platform

SAP, Microsoft, Netsuite, Salesforces, etc.

Off-The-Shelf Connectors

Magento Solution Partners have extensive experience integrating with many other applications.

A “Consumer” Buying Experience

Compelling experiences on any devices

Mobile-ready, Responsive Site

Seamless experiences and anytime, anywhere buying.

Powerful Merchandising & Promotions

Automated upselling / cross-selling, and ratings and reviews are proven to drive sales.

Robust Content Management

Easily have your business team create rich content to brin your products to life.

Campaign Staging & Preview

Get new content, products and promotions to market faster and flawlessly.


75 Predefined Reports & Report-building Tools

Core business metrics such as revenue and average order value (AOV) See the top customers through customer lifetime revenue analysis.

Combine Data from Multiple Sources

Best-selling products by sales and volume, products ordered monthly growth rate. Keywords driving traffic, ad words costs, click and impressions, social media traffic.

Actionable Customer, Product & Campaign Insights

Everything is available online and designed for business users.

Boosting Sales


Sales Rep can Easily Respond to Quote Requests

Streamlined assisted selling and RFP’s

No More Order-Taking

Frees your sales team from order-taking, so they have more time to prospect for new business.

Increased Product IQ

Your sales reps will up their product IQ and be better able to answer any question with access to detailed, up-to-date product information.

Simplified Integrations

Ability to integrate with many different platforms.