Digital Audits

Code Audit|Experience Audit|SEO Audit|Security Audit

Code Audit

Kemana performs comprehensive code audits with the intent of discovering bugs, security breaches and violations of programming conventions in order to put forth recommendations. We examine the system configuration, code base, performance, and security. The work scope includes:

Customer Experience Audit

CX (Customer Experience) audit evaluates and tests a website functionality and design in order to improve website’s effectiveness, making it easier for users to shop to the products. The work scope includes:

SEO Audit

During the audit phase we deep dive into the current digital performance including website design, technical SEO, and owned media. We will be looking for factors that negatively impact engagement, traffic and conversion.

Security Audit

Kemana performs website security audits and penetration tests to define vulnerable site segments, and then recommend immediate and long term improvements.

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