David Aguirre

Director of Technology

Through partnering with Kemana, All Day has pioneered Headless Commerce and Progressive Web App technology within our market. The results have been dynamically significant.

David Aguirre

Director of Technology


All Day Supermarket was established in 2014 as ‘All Day Convenience Store’ and later developed into a minimart named ‘All Day Mart’ located at Starmall Prima Taguig in May 2015. Through careful planning and execution, its 13 stores soon grew into a supermarket and were finally branded as All Day Supermarket a year later. From its inception up to the present, they have successfully opened 32 stores and endeavors to provide Filipinos an upgraded, refreshed, and world-class grocery experience.


All Day engaged with Kemana to have a better application managed service. AllDay was managed before by a vendor in the Philippines who built their site and provided maintenance services short span.

The project later resulted in unending issues of performance. All Day was in Magento V2.3.4 when it was taken over. Kemana performed a Website Audit covering Backend & Frontend Code, performance, security, and infrastructure afterward proceeded with a website optimization exercise to fix issues related to code standards and security and improve website performance.


The main goal is to keep the live site stable while it is meeting the expectations of the client such as improved performance and functionalities.


The website had a vital issue in performance since there were too many elements on the home page thus resulting in a very high loading time and the query took some time to fetch the stocks based on the location. Moreover, there is a huge impact on user experience since the homepage was ambiguous.

Though Kemana worked on performance improvement through the code and infrastructure the site needed a major revamp which was highlighted to the client.


This website wants to maintain stocks based on location. Therefore, users will need to select their specific area prior to browsing the website. Afterward, they will see product availability based on the place picked.

Kemana also updated the Product listing page to display five products in a row, since it was only four products before.


  • Kemana revamps the website to have a better user experience and improve the performance of the website using PWA technology.
  • Kemana minimizes the effort to upgrade the website (Magento versions) by moving to Headless technology which significantly minimizes the effort required for an upgrade.
  • Kemana implemented a couple of third-party extensions AppoBox and Moengage which is a huge advantage in the marketing sector of the website.
  • Kemana updated the Product listing page to display 5 products in a row by default should be 4 products only.


After the website revamp with Headless PWA both user experience and performance of the website have drastically improved and the site is stable so that we are doing a lot of new implementations on the website to give better experience to customers, marketing and operations team.