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Commerce Strategy

Implementation Strategy

Each business we work with is unique. In today’s Digital landscape applying general implementation strategies to complex and changing markets achieves limited results. We work with clients to implement a three ‘C’ approach to implementation; Clarify your strategy, Communicate and Cascade it.

Platform Selection

Choosing an Ecommerce platform that fits your business needs can be a difficult one. The decision for a client to use either Magento Enterprise or a customized Magento Community edition comes down to a number of factors. It is critical to collaboratively evaluate current and expected future growth forecasting while understanding client resource planning and market needs.

Business Solutions

Business Enablement

As traditional business doctrine considers different revenue streams within a retail organization individually, we see the adoption of Ecommerce and retail revenue as part of one eco system. Enabling business processes to new digital structures is challenging and requires collaborative detailed review and action planning between our business analysts and clients.

System Analysis

Whether you are inheriting a Magento system built previously or building a new, determining a system requirements takes detailed analysis and strategic planning. The core of an Ecommerce business is it’s system, requiring the most reliable, stable and best practice approach to it’s build. Our client work exemplifies such an approach.

Site Implementation

For each client project our mission is to implement seamlessly, on time and on budget. Project planning and execution is at the core of our business focus. Our high level project direction follows a systematic process to Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Deploy.

Magento Platform Training

Delivering Magento training to your team to manage each client’s custom Magento system is fundamental to the success of your business. Our complete customized user guides are used as the basis for your teams to manage everything from system management, product merchandising and inventory control, marketing and promotions, customer segmentation, order management, finance and more. Through the use of each customized Magento user guide your teams will be clear as to what defined roles and responsibilities are required for each department and related business process.