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Al-Ikhsan Launches Omni Channel Commerce

One of our favorite recent success stories, very much due to our close collaboration with ETP and the hands-on approach from CEO Vach Pillutla, was the end-to-end digital transformation and Omni Channel Commerce implementation of Al-Ikhsan Sports on Magento.

“When Al-ikhsan Sports, the #1 multi-brand, multi-category sports retailer in Malaysia ventured into the E-commerce space with the ambition of taking to be the #1 online platform for sports in the country, we wanted a platform which was robust, easy to scale and allows us to run an extensive range of promotions. After analyzing a multitude of options, we selected Kemana + Magento, and the incredible 40X growth in daily orders that we have seen over the past 6-8 months is clear evidence of the correct decisions taken.” – Vach Pillutla, CEO

This result was definitely achieved because of multiple partners working together as one team, toward one goal. It’s a great example of how modular, integrated technology stacks will operate in the future to deliver full circle customer experiences. Thank you Naresh, and Vach and your leadership teams for such a hands on, top down approach to the collaboration.