Vach Pillutla


When Al-ikhsan Sports, the #1 multi-brand, multi-category sports retailer in Malaysia ventured into the E-commerce space with the ambition of taking to be the #1 online platform for sports in the country, we wanted a platform which was robust, easy to scale and allows us to run an extensive range of promotions. After analyzing a multitude of options, we selected Kemana + Magento, and the incredible 40X growth in daily orders that we have seen over the past 6-8 months is clear evidence of the correct decisions taken.

Vach Pillutla



Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading sports retailer, specializing in the selling of sports footwear, apparel, and equipment. Since its inception, Al-Ikhsan Sports has evolved from a single sports convenience concept to a multi-category, multi-concept sporting goods behemoth with a clearly segmented strategy to address consumers and sports enthusiasts across various income groups, offering global brands at affordable prices, and currently has over 125 stores located throughout Peninsular Malaysia.


Al-Ikhsan Sport is expanding their business and strengthening their position as Malaysia’s No. 1 Sports retailer in Digital. As part of Al-Ikhsan’s digital transformation, Kemana was taken to improve the Al-Ikhsan website, focusing on inventory system with each store location and integrated with POS retail system.


This project aimed to optimize the website’s Ecommerce functionality and inventory management, increase sales through various payment methods and migrate the site with customized functionalities to the Magento2 platform.


Al-Ikhsan Sports has evolved from a single sports convenience concept to a multi-category, with a portfolio of 30 brands spanning more than 15 product categories.

As an outcome of the challenge, Kemana develop an Ecommerce Omnichannel platform for their digital transformation connected with all stores to served Al Ikhsan’s customer better.


Together with ETP, Asia’s leading omni-channel retail platform, Kemana and ETP build a seamless integration between the Ecommerce and Al Ikhsan ERP system to synchronize their stock avaibility, inventory, returns, shipment, returns, sinchronize loyalty point with each POS, click and collect, Atome installment, and supported by multiple popular online payment channel and shipping courier in Malaysia


Kemana revamp the website to have better user experience and improve the performance of the website using PWA technology. Also, Kemana minimises the effort to upgrade the website (Magento versions) by moving to Headless technology which significantly minimizes the effort required for an upgrade. Also, kemana implemented a couple of third party extensions (AppoBox and Moengagae) that helps marketing of the website.


Kemana facilitated an effective inventory feature based on nearby stores through a phased approach. Kemana also collaborated with ETP to integrate their POS retail system with their omni-channel. The unique feature is that we can deliver promotion based on a customer’s profile.