Chris Benz

Kemana CEO

We are delighted to have successfully implemented our B2B Ecommerce solution for PT. Mitra Cipta Hardi Elektrindo. Our feature-rich platform empowers Mitra to bridge the digital divide, becoming a leading Electrical and Mechanical Solution provider. Through personalized experiences and key features, we enable Mitra to enhance customer relationships and meet high demands. This partnership showcases our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for businesses to thrive in the digital era.

Chris Benz

Kemana CEO


Established in 1997, PT. Mitra Cipta Hardi Elektrindo is a distributor and supplier of mechanical and electrical devices in Jakarta.

Over time, this company has continued to experience rapid growth in its business, as a well-known distributor and a major player in the Indonesian market.

This progress achieved by PT. Mitra with high commitment to always provide quality products and the best service to their consumers.

Currently, PT. Mitra has provided a variety of mechanical and electrical component products for internationally famous brands, such as Schneider Electric, Legrand, Karcher, Philips, Simon, APC, 3M, Clipsal, Honeywell, Geze and Luxfit.


Mitra seeks Kemana for Ecommerce implementation for the reason that they wish to close their digital divide and capability gaps with category leaders.


Our objective is to transform Mitra into a One-Stop Electrical and Mechanical Solutions provider, offering a seamless omnichannel experience to cater to the unique needs of every customer. This transformation will enable Mitra to excel in its business by delivering top-notch services and products to its customers online.


In response to the significant customer demand, Mitra requires a solution to effectively manage customer relationships in the context of B2B Ecommerce. The main challenge lies in creating a feature-rich and user-friendly platform for Mitra, as B2B buyers prefer to have control in handling a significant portion of their transactions independently.


Kemana brings Mitra to lead B2B Business with Magento by offering fast, friction-free purchasing, and personalized experience. The solution enables Mitra to have complete inventory visibility, efficient orders, and inventory management.


Our team provided Mitra with a personalized B2B solution and added key features to Mitra’s Ecommerce site such as Indent Items, Quotation, B2B Company Accounts, and Quick Order.

In addition, our team also integrated shipping and payment gateway to give the customer the best checkout experience.

Lastly, to maintain customer loyalty, Kemana implemented Hoki Points and Rewards for certain purchase customer referrals and other unique terms and conditions that the operational admin can set dynamically through a user-friendly and intuitive backend.


After the development, Mitra reached more customers since they can now cater to customers offline and online. The added personalized B2B solution and features were a big factor in how they provided service to customers online.