Serene Leong

Director, Sales & Operations

We have been very happy working with the team. The handover process was a challenge but your team have handled it professionally. Communication has been very fluid and constant and delivery on schedule.

Serene Leong

Director, Sales & Operations


Melissa Shoes is a renowned footwear brand that originated in 1979. Known for its iconic jelly shoes, Melissa has gained global recognition for its art, fashion, and design. The brand is committed to sustainability, using 100% recyclable MELFLEX™ PVC material and ensuring its products are vegan-friendly. Melissa has also established collaborations with esteemed designers, solidifying its position as a leading name in ladies’ fashion footwear.


Melissa Shoes approached Kemana after experiencing significant dissatisfaction with their previous vendor, who had encountered numerous technical problems. Kemana was tasked with overseeing a transition project, which involved conducting a thorough code audit and identifying areas requiring improvement to improve both performance and functionality.


The objective of this project is to enhance the Melissa Shoes website through a Magento Upgrade and additional fixes. This strategic endeavor aims to position Melissa Shoes favorably in the omnichannel landscape of their Ecommerce platform. Upgrading to a newer version of Magento brings forth substantial advantages for their online store, including improved performance, heightened security, bug resolution, and enhanced stability. Furthermore, it unlocks access to cutting-edge features and functionalities, guarantees compatibility with extensions, and provides reliable long-term support.


The codebase inherited from the previous vendor was found to be disorganized, requiring extensive issue resolution and code refactoring during the upgrade process.

A crucial connector between Magento and their ERP Netsuite lacked proper documentation during the handover, making it challenging to troubleshoot any issues that arose with this connector.

The instability of the website following the Magento Upgrade was primarily caused by problems related to the aforementioned connector, further exacerbating the situation.


Our development team invested additional time and effort to rectify the coding issues left by the previous vendor during the upgrade process. Through meticulous cleanup and optimization, we successfully resolved the codebase challenges.

We diligently identified and addressed all the issues encountered, ensuring the stability of the website. Moreover, we achieved this while optimizing the infrastructure cost, ensuring a cost-effective solution for the client.


The upgrade to a newer version of Magento, along with the resolution of technical challenges, resulted in a more efficient and stable online platform. This improved performance directly benefited Melissa Shoes and its customers by ensuring faster loading times, smoother browsing, and more reliable transactions. Overall, the project not only positioned Melissa Shoes favorably in the omnichannel landscape but also provided a better online experience for its customers.

The Magento Upgrade significantly improved the website performance, ensuring faster load times and smoother navigation.

Due to mobile optimization, Kemana crafted a seamless online shopping journey, boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

The successful project strategically positioned Melissa Shoes as a leader in the competitive omnichannel landscape, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and resilient online presence.