Chris Benz

Kemana CEO

Expanding on Goldeluck’s initial Digital success using Shopify was something we took great pride in at Kemana. The results post launch have significantly exceeded our expectations. It’s great to see such a great family business grow at the rate it has.

Chris Benz

Kemana CEO


Goldeluck’s Doughnuts was established in 2018 by Phillip Kuoch and has since become the most exciting doughnut brand in Australia. In 2021 Goldelucks looked to revamp their Ecommerce business and selected Kemana to design and develop a new Shopify platform. The Melbourne based business now ships across Australia, with national sales growing strongly. They have served over 350,000 customers and have been named one of Australia’s best doughnut shops by publications like the Herald Sun and Concrete Playground.


Goldelucks sought a Shopify Partner to create a fully customised Shopify 2 Ecommerce Platform following some initial success using Shopify 1. A critical requirement for selecting a vendor was their ability to think outside the box from a Customer Experience point of view while having the technical skills to develop customised features such as personalised products.


The main goal of the project is to create a seamless buying experience and personalized solution that is easy to maintain. Goldelucks wished for customers to have a totally new cutting edge buying experience where they can explore all of Goldelucks’ products, while feeling personalisation in order to receive relevant products.


Goldelucks ships throughout Australia, however, there is a difficulty with the availability of some products in every location; several products are only available in specific cities. The challenge is to improve the process by which customer can select their favourite doughnuts and dessert boxes, as well as the availability and recommendation of items at ease to make them feel unique.


Filtering and sorting out products makes it easier for users to find their way around. We were able to create a custom label for its available cities as well as labels for product features such as Nut-free, Halal, and Gluten-free. We also added a feature that will allow users to customize the products such as choosing a flavor, adding photos, and add-ons.


Kemana upgraded Goldeluck’s to Shopify 2.0, resulting in a clear customer experience that allows users to explore all products with a personalized feel while retaining customer orders.


Kemana built Goldeluck’s Shopify 2 website with an exceptional state-of-the-art designs and features. As a result, customers can now witness new filters and customized labels for the available cities and as well as dietary badges for product features. Kemana took a big role in facilitating Goldelucks growing their transactions by providing relevant products and best-selling offers, as well as a loyalty point program.