Videowise + Kemana Formalize Partnership

#Partnership: Kemana and Videowise Revolutionize Ecommerce Video Experiences

We are thrilled to announce that Kemana has officially partnered with Videowise, an Ecommerce Video Platform that helps brands and retailers to create interactive and shoppable video experiences within their Ecommerce site.

“This partnership signifies our commitment to providing brands and retailers with the means to amplify their online presence. Videowise and Kemana is a game-changing alliance that will not only elevate the way businesses engage their customers but also revolutionize the entire Ecommerce experience, setting new standards of innovation and excellence in the industry.”┬áChris Benz, Kemana CEO

Together, Kemana and Videowise will empower brands and retailers to engage shoppers through interactive product discovery, and drive substantial sales growth.

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