Truro Fabrics selects Kemana for Ecommerce implementation

Truro Fabric Joins Forces with Kemana for an Exciting Ecommerce Collaboration!

Truro Fabric, the largest independent fabric & sewing store in the South West, UK has teamed up with Kemana to embark on a groundbreaking Ecommerce collaboration.

“Collaborating with Truro Fabric is an exciting journey where craftsmanship meets innovation. Together, we’re redefining online shopping, creating a space where passion seamlessly blends with technology. It’s not just a partnership; it’s a transformation in how we experience the art of fabrics and sewing.” – Chris Benz, CEO of Kemana

Kemana will design, develop, and deploy Truro Fabric’s Ecommerce platform utilizing Kemana’s Optima.S Accelerator, a cutting-edge Ecommerce solution known for its robust features and seamless user experience. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for Truro Fabric in expanding its online presence and enhancing the overall shopping experience for its customers.

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