#Partnership: Kemana & Ordazzle Collaboration

#Partnership: It is Kemana’s pleasure to announce our collaboration with one of the leading Ecommerce management platforms in ASIA, Ordazzle.

Ordazzle is a platform that helps Ecommerce and omni-channel businesses delight their customers and grow their businesses.

It synchronizes with a multitude of marketplaces, webstores, and logistics providers to help smartly manage any size of Ecommerce business.

“As retailers head towards a more digitally focused strategy in order to meet the e-commerce demands of today’s customer, we see the partner engagement with Kemana as a great opportunity to extend our reach and to have wider impact on retail and e-commerce businesses. I believe Kemana can leverage our technology portfolio, including Ordazzle, to unify retailer’s digital and physical presences while driving efficiency and reducing efforts and costs, and help to redefine the e-commerce management experience.” –  Neev Ahuja, Director – Sales & Marketing, Ordazzle (ETP Group).

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