Webinar: Key Pillars of OmniChannel Success

Kemana, in collaboration with Adobe and ETP, will hold a webinar on January 20th, 2021 at 2.30 p.m. SGT to discuss the Key Pillars of OmniChannel Success.

As technology advances, it becomes more integrated into our daily lives. The distinction between what we do online and what we do in real life has begun to blur.

As people change their behaviors, marketers, salespeople, and customer support reps will need to react. Marketers, salespeople, and customer service representatives will need to adapt as people’s behaviors change. We must consider the customer experience and take a more holistic approach, providing an omni-channel experience that customers can access whenever they want. Omnichannel marketing caters to the new wave of personalized experience-seeking consumers, businesses must undergo digital transformation in order to keep growing in this era.

Don’t forget to register at this link: bit.ly/KemanaWebinar