Sidomuncul Digital Transformation

We are thrilled to announce our official collaboration with Sidomuncul, a distinguished herbal medicine company renowned for its traditional herbal remedies and supplements crafted from natural ingredients and time-honored recipes.

“As we embark on this exciting Ecommerce journey with Sidomuncul, we’re dedicated to creating a seamless digital experience that empowers customers to explore and embrace the rich world of herbal wellness from the comfort of their screens.” – Chris Benz, CEO of Kemana

This partnership between Sidomuncul and Kemana signifies a significant milestone as we join forces to establish a robust digital ecosystem and create an advanced Ecommerce platform for Sidomuncul’s products.

Through this endeavor, we aim to enhance accessibility to Sidomuncul’s high-quality herbal offerings, provide comprehensive information about their rich heritage, streamline the ordering process, and ultimately contribute to their continued growth and success.

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