Franz Sunga


The release of our Ecommerce platform is a major step in LSG’s Digital Transformation and a proud moment in our company’s journey. Our partnership with Kemana has been key to getting our Commerce implementations and digital experiences on track.

Franz Sunga



LSG started in 2001 and became a well-established company in 2010. The company entered into new ventures and expanded its scope with an additional workforce to exceed customer expectations. Today, LSG is one of the leading local providers of industrial, school, and office supplies. LSG works with over a thousand companies from different industrial sectors, supplying hard-to-find cutting-edge tools and equipment to hardware products and packaging materials with the finest quality.


LSG seeks to develop a B2B Ecommerce platform using Kemana B2B Accelerator in order to sell up their 14 products range into a single site.


Developing a distinctive look and feel with seamless usability while incorporating the LSG Industrial brand, message, and values into B2B Ecommerce.


LSG Ecommerce site will create a pathway for switching customer service interactions from offline to online. Due to the project complexity, LSG sought a highly experienced commerce partner to help them in designing and building their B2B and B2C digital purchasing platform.


Kemana implemented a complex account management structure using Kemana B2B Accelerator, enabling end-to-end, self-service control and visibility of account information, product ordering, invoicing, and subscriptions. As a result, B2B and B2C commerce experiences are highly optimized for cross-device usages.


Kemana designs and launches a B2B eCommerce site with UX best practices, enriched with a wide range of B2B Features facilitating both B2C & B2B Customers in the Philippines.


Kemana implemented B2B Accelerator successfully for this client in a very short period of time, and this is considered a landmark case study in B2B. Through a new B2B experience, Kemana helped LSG in capturing new customer segments and increasing sales volume.