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Schots Home Emporium, a 40 year old Melbourne based business selling uniquely sourced Home Décor products, has launched a complete Omni Channel Magento Commerce site servicing Australia. With a catalog of over 30,000 products Schots is a leading seller and supplier of Furniture, Lamps, Tiles, Vanities and wide range of Home Décor items.

Chris Benz, CEO, Kemana said, “Schots Home Emporium is an institution in Australia and has taken a big leap over the past year from a successful tradition offline business to a full fledged Multi & Omni Channel Digital Commerce operator. The transformation has been impressive.”

The Magento Commerce Schots site is highly customized and operates closely in line with the existing offline businesses processes.  This was a significant factor in minimizing disruption during the digital transformation.  The Schots site provides the team with endless aisle visibility across multiple stores and warehouses with real time ERP and in store Point Of Sale systems.