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Mesin Kopi Espresso launches into SEO

We are excited to be partnered with Indonesia’s No.1 Coffee Company, Mesin Kopi Espresso!

With the impending of specialty coffee shops trend in Indonesia, Mesin Kopi Espresso fathoms some crucial elements which may uplift the presence of a café and enrich the quality of a cup of coffee at the same time are basic equipment used, such as espresso machines, grinders and barista gears. In order to respond to what the market needs and add value to other people’s lives, Mesin Kopi Espresso is set to develop a training area for hotels, restaurants, café owners, coffee roasters, baristas in particular, and those who want to hone their knowledge and skills in general.

Kemana is responsible for managing various digital marketing efforts including SEO as the company moves into a new era of commerce.