News & Updates

Kemana has rolled out a new in store touch screen technology with the initial launches at various Ranch Market and Farmers Market locations.  This new technology optimizes a touch-screen interactive Commerce experience.

Customers now have the ability to browse Ranch Market and Farmers Market products from a digital display placed in front of the respective stores.  Customers can then order and checkout using instant payment. Customers will receive a printout of the receipt that they can use to collect the order at the pickup counter when ready. The system also integrates with an SMS service where once the order is ready to be picked up, the user will receive a notification.

In addition Kemana has also built functionality where customers are able to select specific meals from the digital display where all related products and ingredients will appear within a product list page along with the specific cooking details and serving information.

“This new technology is a good example of the use of next generation customer experience capabilities, combined with customized applications of Magento Commerce. The blending of offline and online purchasing by use of interactive experiences anywhere, anytime will become the norm in retailer product offering and we are working hard to be at the forefront of this,” said Christopher Benz, CEO, Kemana.