Wandi Tjen

Kemana Project Manager

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Kose team for their Ecommerce platform project. Kose came to us with a specific vision and customization for their online store, including complex beauty promotion mechanics that simply couldn’t be achieved with more simplified Ecommerce platforms. Our team were more than up for the challenge, and we’re proud to say that we were able to deliver a successful Ecommerce soluton that exceeded Kose’s expectations.” – Wandi Chen, Project Manager

Wandi Tjen

Kemana Project Manager


Kose founded KOSÉ in 1946, poured his limitless passion into making cosmetics that give people dreams and hope. Kose focused on the creation of beauty, mainly through cosmetics.


Kose seeks Kemana for an Ecommerce implementation that provides high-quality cosmetics for their customers while providing a smooth journey throughout the buying process.


The goal is for the customers to have an omnichannel experience while going through the buying process. In addition, Kose will also have a free complimentary product such as free sample, free gift, coupon code, with additional reward points and integrate with their CRM system with their offline store for product pickup.


Due to the complexity of this project the team experienced a couple of challenges throughout the process such as:

  • A highly sophisticated promotion mechanics for each product sold in the Ecommerce System.
  • Bundling product promotion mechanic, BAU and Non-BAU Product Promotion, time-based promotions, and all the promotions determined by number of product purchase / total purchase, combined with real time integration with CRM system.
  • Point Expiration and calculation integration between Magento and CRM to determine the validity of the points that customer can spend, either from Ecommerce and Offline Purchase.
  • Each Kose stores have a BC (Beauty Consultant) which all the BC have a special promotion code to be used for Visitor.


For this project, our team used Magento as the Ecommerce platform due to the high customization requirement while keeping the coding best practice standard to minimize major issues with complicated calculations.

Our team also conducted a thorough test with more than 1000+ test cases to make sure the functionality has no major issues. In addition, we have also supported Infrastructure with the Third-Party DevOps Team to make sure the performance is not highly affected by the heavy logic and script that the Ecommerce system is constantly running.

Lastly, we have performed load and performance testing to make sure the load of the production server is safe for certain concurrent users.


Kemana made sure that Kose offers a seamless customer experience to provide all the information, product sample/gift, points earned & spend information page directly from their dashboard, while they are on the product page, cart, and checkout.


The project successfully launched providing an amazing Ecommerce platform that is heavy in the backend/server but does not affect the customer journey while they are browsing and purchasing the product. The system not only targets a good CX experience but also exceeds them supported by a stable and high-performance server to serve the visitors.

Conduct test with more than 1000+ cases to make sure the functionality

Supported infrastructure to make sure the performance runs constantly

Performed load and performance testing to make sure the load of the production server is safe