Corné van Zyl

General Manager

The recent Rebuild and Launch of on Adobe Commerce is a testament to our Ecommerce success, a well-executed digital transformation and partnership with Kemana over the years.

Corné van Zyl

General Manager


FOSSIL was founded in 1984 as Overseas Products International by Tom Kartsotis. In 1986, the Kartsotis brothers launched Fossil watches on the American market. FOSSIL Indonesia is managed by Time International, Indonesia’s World-class Curator and Cultivator of Leading Brands.

Time International prides itself on its commitment to the promotion and appreciation of horological culture, luxury fashion, and lifestyle. Today, Fossil is the third most popular watch brand in the world.


Time International, the official license holder for FOSSIL Indonesia, has requested a user friendly design and multi channel development of a B2C Ecommerce website with modern and exciting functionality to drive conversion and customer engagement. FOSSIL Ecommerce features equiped with multi payment, installment program/promo, regular promotions, CRM loyalty integration, store pickup function, also BIN (Bank Identification Number) Promotion for previlidge Credit Card holder.


Kemana is working closely with Time International in promoting and continuing to recognize the horological culture, luxury fashion, and lifestyle of the brand, making Fossil the most popular digital destination for men, women and unisex lifestyle product. also targeting medium to high level customer geared with installment feature from various bank provider.


The development of Fossil will involve extensive research and keen detail to achieve a modern and exciting functionality, making Fossil a sustainable website that will drive conversion and user engagement.


Kemana transforms Fossil into a more diverse digital transformation, emphasizing Fossil’s timeless appeal, allowing them to make users interact whenever and however they are pleased, and gradually turn visitors into customers, and customers to loyal customers with CRM loyalty program and promotions.


Fossil’s Ecommerce site is designed to achieve a modern customer experience and immerse users in the authenticity of the FOSSIL brand while showcasing high quality product displays through the product catalog and offer various installment and engraving features.


Fossil aims to design high-quality watches, handbags, and jewelry that preserve the best of the past while modernizing them. With the help of Kemana in executing the digital transformation of Fossil, the Ecommerce website will now serve as the go-to destination for men’s, women’s and unisex luxury accessories.