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CXA Launches New Marketplace for APAC

CXA, a corporate benefits aggregator, has successfully launched it’s new marketplace. What TripAdvisor did for travel, CXA is doing for insurance, healthcare and wellness.  Working together with CXA in Singapore the Kemana Team designed, developed and deployed one of our most unique and customized Magento implementations to date.

CXA’s proprietary, highly scalable platform facilitates a private exchange that caps healthcare budget and shifts health inflation to employees, personalises recommendations for insurance and wellness based on life-stage, lifestyle and health needs, aggregates a cashless network of insurers, health and wellness providers and analyses data to help HR prioritise interventions that reduce claims cost and workforce health risks.

Employees are now able to proactively manage their health by choosing the best-suited insurance, wellness and disease management offerings while employers are able to view aggregated health and claims analytics of their workforce to prioritise interventions that reduce costs and improve workplace health, productivity and employee engagement.